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OEM Service 

Shenzhen Lescoo has a very rich experience in mobile power supply/usb flash drive/phone case/selfie stick/accessories custom, has a high-difficulty Mould technology, there are two ways to customize.
           First: custom logo and slogan on an existing style housing.
           Second is: Entirely to design a unique model style based on customer requirements , the minimum order quantity custom logo on the shell of a single section is 100pcs, a model customizedmust according to the material and quantity.

Customized solution I: Public mode product customization
(1) mold products custom logo: No special requirements on the quality of the customer, only need to look beautiful, to play the role of publicity and advertising, to the housing with screen printing, pad printing, water transfer, thermal transfer, laser engraving and other means to print their own logo and text, the price according to the number required, print mode, and print data color, size and complexity to offer.
(2) Quality configure custom mold products: products on the market right now needs a lower price, we can provide quality configured according to the customer's price requirement, after proofing qualified production; products on the market right now needs better quality, we We can provide higher quality customer configuration. This price needs to be adjusted according to customer requirements appearance of a variety of configurations, battery, programs, pcba board, wire, packaging, etc. Accounting offer.
(3) public-products customized to add or reduce functions: customers are not satisfied with the product features on the market today, you need to increase or decrease the variety of functions, we can according to customer requirements to account for this part of the price.

Customized Solution II: Private mold product customization
(1) customers provide customized product ideas: contact our sales, we will discuss and design with our professional engineer to complete the order, Process: the idea of ​​communication - hand modeling confirm- model to confirm - produce goods.
(2) Customers provide in-kind customized products: Send us the real product, or take it directly to our factory, our engineers and boss to account for the price and quantity of mold cost and unit price based on customer requirements , and then confirm whether the mold produce.

ODM Service

We manufacture based on your design and requests,No copy,No sell

LOGO Printing method

The branding methods we use are determined by the product type and material. Below is a quick insight into each branding method so you can see how to represent your logo and company image in the best light.
1- Screen Printing

one of the most common way of printing logo.

Generally this print mode is on Flat surface, and colors should be within four colors, logo can't have gradient.
Works with most products,Print one or more solid colors (includes white, grey, and black)

Screen printing is also known as silk-screening. This is a printing technique that creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil and a porous fabric. Areas of the screen are covered with a non-permeable stencil of the image to be printed. When printing multi-colour logos, a new stencil is made for each color and the different colors printed separately. Screen printing is most suitable for logos with 1-4 colors that have no shading or colour gradation. Before printing, inks are custom mixed to the match the Pantone ® colour references.

2- Full Colour Photo Printing
Works with most products
Required for graphics with gradients, color blending, & shadow colors
Looks best on light-coloured products (white, silver, etc.)
No “per-colour” printing costs; print any amount of colours

Logos can be reproduced in full color by combining 4 colours known as CMYK in varying amounts. The factory uses this technique in combination with polyurethane film to give your logo a very durable finish which is highly resistant to scratches and bumps. Full colour printing is the best choice for logos with many colors or those with shading or gradation. The factory has an in-house print department to ensure your logo is printed to the highest standards.

3- Laser Engraved
Works with metal and wood surfaces only
Most durable (longest lasting) option
Different metals yield different results when engraved

Laser engraving gives a very precise and clean finish. Engraving is not a color process like printing – your logo is transferred to the product by ‘marking’ the product with a laser. Using a computer, the position and movement of the laser can be accurately controlled to achieve the desired effect. Logos with sharp well defined borders tend to work best. The factory has an in-house laser engraving department to ensure your logo is engraved to the highest standards.

4- Hot Stamping / Debossing
Works with leather and wood surfaces only
Produces an impression of the graphic on the product‘s surface
No color is added or changed to the product‘s surface

Hot Stamping / Debossing is dry printing method in which a heated die is used to apply graphics to a part. Hot stamping is a process in which an engraved image is placed on the hot stamping die, heated then forced down against the leather or wooden flash drive covering.

5- Dome Stickers
An Excellent Alternative To Printing

A dome sticker is colour print decal protected under a raised resin dome. We only use high quality, professionally produced dome stickers. We can produce the decals in any shape (so they fit neatly onto the memory sticks) and we can print complex logo’s including graduated tones that typically can’t be printed directly onto a memory stick. The layer of resin applied to the sticker helps prevent wear and tear and significantly reduces the usual scratching and erosion of logo’s that can occur on printed USB sticks.

The lead time for dome stickers is just a couple of days and if you are looking to print multiple colors then the dome sticker option typically works out cheaper than spot printing directly onto the products.
We’re not suggesting you should always use domed stickers because for other printing will always remain the best option. But, if you’re in a hurry and you don’t mind limiting your choice to those that work well with domed stickers then they are an excellent solution.

6- transfer printing

Mainly used for some products is not a flat surface, the typical design is cola bottles U disk.

7.Drop rubber

Apply to the trademark gifts, handicrafts, ornaments, signs and other products, production U disk glue good vision, bright degree is high, light gloss, practicality is very high.

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