The constitution of power bank

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The power bank is formed by 3 parts

1. the case

2. battery cell

3. PCBA protection board

We all have some knowledge of power bank, so what is the constitution of power bank, Pls. see below:

The power bank is formed by 3 parts.

1, the case. It can be choosed by the battery cell, PCBA. You can do case with your company design, also can use the case which is very normal in the market. the choose protection plate mold, DIY, it recruitment mode. This could save matching work. The normal case can save the time to design.

2, battery cell, battery cell has 18650 or qualified lithium polymer.,18650 batteries is a fixed size. So on the mold can only choose the corresponding mold, if you have some resource in power bank, You can buy the normal case in the market. Then find a factory to do assembling. lithium polymer has many shapes, but it also has confirmed size when it leaves the battery cell factory. unless you do design of private mold. Then ask battery cell factory do it as your requirement.

3, PCBA protection board, his role is primarily a step-up, step-down, constant current constant voltage such effect, so when we choose the material, we should take attention to the quality of PCBA board. And also need do attention to the electronic parameter values. How to get a good PCBA board, we can use the professional instrument to test.

Mobile power bank is formed by three material. The do assembling. of course, some test is needed, such as voltage, discharge voltage and current, ect.

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