No any rules for power bank capacity price

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Mobile power bank is using by all kinds of smart mobile phones, tablets . It has big market.

According to related statistics, in 2012 the quantity of China mobile power bank is around 30 million , while the Chinese smart phone users is about 500 million, with a conservative 20% of smart phones, there are nearly 100 million smart phone users. So the power bank market will be in "explosive" period.

The production near the smart phone
As the smart phone has big consumption, so the power bank market become more and more large..

Dual - and quad-core processors, large screen, the application of distinctive which let people can not leave mobile phone, but it also brings a big problem - power consumption is too big. A lot of people who use smart phones are reflected, a day after charging the mobile phone run out, and it is a trouble for you to bring many batteries. The people who travel, especially have feeling that bring many date line is very inconvenience. So the power bank is rised rapidly.

Power bank can give your smart phone more energy. Then you can do anything with your heart.

What is power bank

Power bank is a portable charger, can give smart phones power in anytime. For example, With a capacity of 11200 mAh power bank, its capacity is the same as two smart phones. But when it do charge fully itself, they can give the capacity of Iphone in more than 4 to 5 times.

Due to various types of smart phone charging interface, like the iPhone, samsung, nokia. Power bank has many different cords , It not only can recharge the brands mobile phone at any time, also can do charging of the household cameras and video cameras.

The difference price of Power bank

When the market of power bank is hot, The consumer want to buy qualified power bank in cheap price, but the price of power bank is confused, Some power bank just need dozen RMB, some need hundreds of RMB; Too cheap, to worry about the quality and did not dare to buy, too expensive, you will feel worthwhile, it really a headache thing.

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