How To choose A Proper Power Bank

Power bank mainly consists of lithium battery, control panel and PCB circuit board which determines the quality of power bank. If a power bank has a well-designed PCB circuit board and outstanding cell and strong control panel,then it can be said to be qualified.

Absolutely, customers cannot know the condition of the inner construction but we can still choose a proper power bank for mobile phones. Then let me tell you some parameters.
First, the cell, which mainly includes lithium polymer battery and 18650 lithium battery. Lithium polymer battery is a pasty battery and can be made into any kinds of shapes. The package of lithium polymer battery is beautiful, fashionable and safe, but high rate of burning and blown package. 18650 lithium battery is liquid. 18 and 65 are size of the cell and 0 means it is columned and its largest capacity can be 3000mah which can be easily exploded.

Second, the control panel. It is for the automatical regulation of over-charge, over-discharge when is is being charged and turn off automatically when it is full charged.

Third, the appearance, which is somehow the first consideration of someone and can give us fun.


What should we notice about power bank?

- Never dispose of this device in a fire because it is dangerous.

- Do NOT disassemble, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, or submerge this device

- Do NOT attempt to dry this device with an appliance or heat source, such as a hair dryer or microwave oven.

- This device usage by children should be supervised.

- Avoid dropping this device from high place, especially on a hard surface.

- Keep this device in a dry place to avoid moisture.

- Please use the original USB cables and adapters to avoid any damages.


How to Identify Power Bank’s Grade

Among the entire power bank’ advertisements, manufacturers always use many specifications to describe their products’ advantages. Consumers are so hardly to distinguish them from each other. In such cases, there are three aspects’ standards: capacity, conversion rate, self-discharge rate.

1. According to capacities, power banks can be classified to four grades, as emergency, business, quality, professional power banks. Lower than 2000mAh is emergency ones. 2000 to 4000mAh is business class and they can be used more than 300 times. Quality level is from 4000 to 6000mAh. 8000mAh capacity belongs to professional level. Large capacity power bank require 500 times more cycle life.

2. As to conversion rate, it can be divided into general, intermediate, advanced, super four levels. The relative conversion rates are 60%, 60-80%, 80-90%, over 90%. In the circuit design, the general level is non-synchronous rectification. The other three levels are synchronous rectification.

3. As per self-discharge rate, it can be identified as general quality, good quality, excellent quality. The general quality is with high self-discharge rate, over 1% each day; the self-discharge rate of good quality is 0.4 to 1% each day; excellent quality self-discharge rate is very low, less than 0.4% each day. The lower self-discharge rate means stronger power hold ability. It is decided by the quality of batteries and circuit design.


Power Bank Caution

1.Pls read these instructions carefully as incorrect use of Li-ion batteries

may lead to dangers such as overheating,fuming,catching fire.

2. Please charger the mobile charger completely before the first time using it.

3. Before charging the electric device, please confirm the voltage of the electric device.

4. Don’t drop, knock, disassemble or attempt to repair the charger by yourself.

5. Don’t immerse the charger in water or make it wet.

6. Don’t expose the charger to a heat source as fire or heater,

7. Keep out of reach of children.

8. Don’t use in the presence of flammable gas


The advantage of our power bank
1. We have SA8000 social responsibility report
2. All products has CE,FCC,ROHS certification.
3. We have battery product safe export report: UN38.3 report, MSDS report
4. 7 years` professional export experience
5. Produce ability: 300k/month
6. Quick lead time: Sample within 3 days , Mass : 7-10days after sample confirmed
7. Full capacity
8. Powerful new product R & D team

There are more and more power bank factory in china.But all the time we do our best to service every customer.Hope we can cooperate with you.


Why Power Bank can’t charge my devices?

Why Power Bank can’t charge my devices?

1. Make sure the residual capacity of Power Bank is more than 25% (one or more Power Indicator is ON). If the residual power is

lower than 25%, please charge it first.

2. Make sure t your device is with DC 5V input.

3. Check your charging/data cable. Be sure your cable is not broken and the interface is compatible.

4. Power Bank may fall into Protection Mode; please unplug your cable and long press Power Button to activate it.

5. Your device might be in low voltage. Charge your device and wait about ten minutes to see whether it works.


How long do I need to charge the power bank charger?

For example:
-Power bank: 5200mAh (0% remaining)
-Power Supply/ Input: 1A plug
-Calculation: 5200mAh/ 800mA = about 6.5h
-Power Supply/ Input: 2A plug
-Calculation: 5200mAh/ 1600mA = about 3.25h
20% power is consumed during the charging/ discharging process


How do I know which Lescoo power bank meets my demand?

Depending on individual needs and requests, there are several general aspect  to consider when selecting a power bank:
a) Capacity
For example if the battery of your mobile phone is 1600mAh and is 0% now, a power bank with 2200mAh can charge your phone 1 time.  If your phone battery is 3000mAh and is 0% now, a power bank with 2200mAh will not be able to charge your phone fully because the phone battery capacity is higher than the power bank.  If you require a power bank that is able to charge your phone several times, you need a power bank with higher capacity.

b) Output specification
0.6A-1.5A output is generally for smart phones/mobile phone, 1.5A-2.0A output is generally for tablets.

c) The function
Different power bank have different function.There are portable power bank,solar power bank,wireless power bank and so on.


How can i know the portable power bank is fully charged

Most power banks have a built-in four LED lights indicator. The orange LED light sparks once the power is connected and all four LED lights stay on when the battery is fully charged.


Portable power bank is safe for commercial travel?

Of course.  power bank are safe for use and commercial travel. In addition, we use a mathematical circuit control unit with built in proprietary software to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current. Our batteries are of Lithium Polymer which a much safer technology than common battery cell.


It is not right that high capacity power bank is better

Smart phones have been more and more popular.Mobile power bank suppliers-Lescoo power bank access to opportunities to solve the problem of short battery time. Many kinds of power banks enter into the market. For users, when purchasing power banks,it is not right that high capacity power bank is better.

High capacity power bank May Be Not So Good

Year 2012 can be said to be the fastest-growing portable external charger.Many mobile phone parts manufacturers have turned to supply Mobile power bank for smart phone. In a very short period of time, various brands have emerged forcing banks E-Market, low capacitance,when enter the mobile power stores, you can find a lot of consumers are on stage of power Banks. In circulating several customers to purchase a portable external battery charger, It is very easy to find, many people first need to select the power of big banks Capacity. The dealers also made a huge hype some unknown mobile power Brand, low prices, but high-capacity, cost-effective deceive customers. It was Hard to imagine that these so-called high-performance mobile power is not as dealers said. This is not true high capacity power bank is okay!


How is your quality about product ?

All our power bank will accord with:

* CE ROHS FCC certification
* Pass aging test
* Pass over-charge protect test
* Explosion-proof design
* 1 year warranty


Do you have certification ?

All our product has CE, ROHS, FCC,SGS certification.

we can make other certification if you need .


How to print my logo ?

Most logo can use follow way to print:

1. silk printing
2. fullcolor printing
3. movable printing
4. Laser


How to custom usb flash drive?

When you want to custom special shape usb flash drive, just tell us your idea,  we can make 3D artwork design for you first, and than you give your suggestion about design , we perfect it according to your suggestion. After that , we will start to mould the usb. The mass production will start after sample confirmed by you.

Silk Printing :

Fullcolor printing:

Laser :


Which kind of battery do you use ?

For power bank , we use Li-polymer battery or Li-ion battery which is both safe for using.


What should i do when mobile power can not be switched

You need to hold the power button for 2 - 3 seconds and than you see the battery indicator lights up or flashes regularly, that means mobile power is turned on, you can charging the phone (digital products) now.


Which kind of package do you use ?

For power bank , we use colorful blister box . Client also can custom package they like


Why mobile power can not be charged ?

Reason as follow:
1. Adapter does not match the interfaces of mobile phones or digital

2. Use the cable that comes with mobile phone (digital products) to charge.

3. Adapter is broken, you can find manufacturers change adapter If in the replacement time.It is necessary to re-buy an adapter of the same if it exceeds the replacement time.

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